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Solar Energy Generation

Solar Energy
Solar Power Generation
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It is possible generate your own solar energy without CO2 atmosphere emissions.

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Reduce Your Account Value


You can contribute to sustainability while generating energy without polluting the environment and at the same time reduces by 90% the energy account in your home or business.



You also can track your generation in real time using a computer or even a cell phone.

Complete solution in solar energy

Photovoltaic credit
 Access to the Electrical Network

Complete installation of solar photovoltaic system.

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            Solar Systems and Energy Efficiency

Eficiência Energética

Spend less energy and increase performance in producing a service.











High energy costs, global warming and climate change are worrisome worldwide, improving energy efficiency is the most economical, effective and fast solution to minimize energy costs and environmental impacts.

Energy Efficiency PROCEL

Complete installation of solar photovoltaic system.


Complete installation of solar photovoltaic system.

Complete installation of solar photovoltaic system.




Provide sustainable solutions to:


  • Installation of photovoltaic systems for the Generation of Electric Energy; and

  • Energy Efficiency in Energy and Industrial Refrigeration Systems.


Always seeking to overcome the customer expectations and contributing with the  balanced environment.





  • Improve and Consolidates our market leading position of Photovoltaic Energy Generation System Installers and Energy Efficiency in Industrial Refrigeration;

  • Keeping in-house and external teams close together.;

  • Always encourage professional individual and professional development of all;

  • Always encourage the development and improvement of our suppliers;

  • Offer fair remuneration for members and collaborators.





  • Customer: Always keep the relationship with customers in an open and honest way;

  • Commitment: Always be committed to full satisfaction of our customers respecting the assumed rights and obligations;

  • Integrity: Always be clear and ethic in actions and dissemination of information;

  • Proactivity: Be attentive to the needs of the market reacting always with effectiveness to ensure the best solution for our customers; 


  • Time: The group's efficiency always prevails before individuality.

H2D ENERGIA is a company located in the West Zone of São Paulo, Brazil, focused the market for Solar Photovoltaic Energy and Energy Efficiency 

We have professional experts with vast extensive experience in consulting:


  • Energy Efficiency in Industrial Refrigeration;

  • Electrical Energy Efficiency;

  • Deployment, maintenance and certification of systems NBR ISO 9001 and 17025; and

  • Internal audits.